How it works

Check upcoming streams

All boosters sold on PackBreak.Live will be opened in a live stream. It is of course the best if you can be there when your boosters are opened. Take a look at our future streams and see which one suits you best.

Order some packs

Once you have found the stream that interests you, you can see which boosters will be opened in it. Do you want to take your chance? Then order the boosters that we can open for you.

Enjoy your stream

Make sure you don’t forget when the livestream takes place so that you can follow what comes out of your boosters! If you can’t be there, this isn’t a problem, it’s just more fun and exciting.

Streams are broadcast on this website (the stream page) and also on our Facebook page.

Receive your cards

When the stream is over, we will get to work to package and store your cards safely. If you have paid for shipping (or received it for free) when paying for your boosters, we will send it quickly. If you have chosen to have your boosters shipped at the end of the month, they will be sent after you have paid possible shipping costs.


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