Retro box break: Team Rocket!

PackBreak.LIVE’s first retro box break!

On December 19th (19:00-23:00) we’ll open a sealed Team Rocket box (unlimited edition!), containing 36 packs!

Will you pull a gem mint Dark Charizard, Dragonite, Dark Blastoise, or Dark Raichu?

Pack distribution

  • 34 Packs will be sold, visit this page to buy one or more packs
  • 1 pack will be given away between the people that bought one or more packs (so one person will get an additional free pack)
  • 1 pack will be given away to a random viewer (no purchase necessary)
    • Chances for the draw of this pack will be given away in all streams starting November 26th

How the break will happen

  • 34 names for each sold pack will be put on a wheel
  • 34 times, a random pack will be taken from the box and the wheel will pack a name. The pack is assigned to that person. (100% random)
  • Once all packs are assigned, they will be weighed to know which ones are heavy (guaranteed holo) & which ones aren’t.
  • All heavy packs will be opened. All cards will be sleeved & put into card savers. Holo’s will be graded for free by CGC in the Economy tier with sub grades (value 38€ expected turnaround time 2 months)
  • Light packs will not be opened. These will be shipped sealed in a tamper sealed bag.
  • For the people that want the ultimate tension; it is possible to not have your pack weighed, it will be opened then.

Price for a pack: €220!

(includes a free CGC economy grade with subgrades if a holo is pulled!)


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