Football madness with PackBreak.LIVE!

You will have noticed that the European Football Championship started on June 11th. For one month, so until 11 July, Europe is going football crazy!

We at PackBreak.LIVE also love the European Championship, especially since we have customers from different European countries!

That’s why our streams will be football themed throughout the European Championship! And yes, there will be nice prizes given out!

We also adjust our stream times so that they do not coincide with a match from a country where we have customers (mainly Belgium, the Netherlands & Germany).

How are the streams put in a football jacket?

  • PackBreak.LIVE football league with prizes! (see below)
  • New football-related chat emoticons
  • New football sounds that can be bought with twitch points
  • Football related actions you can let our streamers do with twitch points

What is the PackBreak.LIVE football league?

During our streams throughout the European Championship, a football may appear at random. If this happens, you have to type !score in the chat. The first 5 people to do this each time score a point

The 11 persons with the highest scores on 12 July will receive a prize! These 11 people may call themselves part of the PackBreak.LIVE football team 😉

What is the prize pool?

We’re giving away no less than 2 Chiling Reign booster boxes (= 72 boosters), and a super cool   Eevee on the ball promo card!

 # price
1 14 Chilling Reign Boosters  + Eevee on the ball promo card
2 12 Chilling Reign Boosters 
3 10 Chilling Reign Boosters 
4 8 Chilling Reign Boosters
5 7 Chilling Reign Boosters
6 5 Chilling Reign Boosters
7 5 Chilling Reign Boosters 
8 5 Chilling Reign Boosters 
9 3 Chilling Reign Boosters
10 2 Chilling Reign Boosters 
11 1 Chilling Reign Booster


How can I know my score and the standings?

We have also provided new commands for this that you can use in our twitch chat!

!myscore will tell you how many points you have

!leaderboard will give you the top 10 ranking

Who can participate?

Any PackBreak.LIVE viewer can participate! You are not obliged to buy boosters, although we really like that!

Are the prizes sent for free?

Hell yes!


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